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Huw Saunders has been in the telecommunications industry for over 30 years working for equipment vendors, telco/service providers and a leading specialist consultancy. He has in depth and widespread experience of all aspects of telecoms services with an emphasis on policy, strategy, business development and service deployment.

Huw has particular expertise in regulatory issues, with extensive involvement with the development of the UK and European regulatory framework and its application from the “Duopoly Review” of the early 90s, through the various EU Reviews of their Regulatory Framework and Ofcom’s Telecoms Strategic Review.

Due to the unique nature of the businesses he has worked for, this experience extends from consumers to the largest business customers, from both an incumbent and new entrant perspective, including services provided to and via other carriers and service providers.

His consultancy clients have been in the UK, other European states and Asia, and have included incumbent telcos, new entrants and regulatory authorities. In the UK he has been on the Board of NICC, NGNUK and ATVOD, and has recently been the industry co-chair of BT’s Consult 21 Steering Board, and much of his recent work has focussed on “Next Generation Network” and consumer issues.

He has had long term involvement in the public sector led South Yorkshire Digital Region “next generation broadband” project. This involved liaison with the lead public sector agencies over a 5 year period, coordinating the public procurement tender response work as part of a bidding consortium and negotiating with key project partners. This project represents the largest ever commercial contract won by his them employer with total revenues of over £100 million over the project’s life.


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