Get Involved

The Beyond Broadband Knowledge Base has been designed to be an open resource, enabling the community to work together to improve it, develop it and help to keep it up to date in what is a fairly fast-changing environment.

How You Can Get Involved

Anyone visiting this site can comment on the content of the Knowledge Base. At the bottom of each page you will see a comment form ready for you to submit your thoughts on the article. We regularly read all the comments posted to the site, and as appropriate we'll publish them, and/or incorporate them into the body of the Knowledge Base over time. Through this simple and open mechanism the Knowledge Base will develop and change over time to leverage the knowledge of the user community and reflect the evolving NGA landscape.

You might want to become more closely involved in the development of the Knowledge Base – perhaps you have entire articles or other material that you would like to contribute to the Knowledge Base, or your organisation may be interested in working more closely with us to develop and support the project. If so, we are very interested in working with you. Please create a user account, and you can get started straight away, writing content for the Knowledge Base.

If you have any queries or would like to work with us, please contact us.