Investment & Business

Community Broadband Models

A paper outlining community-ownership structures most suitable for community broadband scenarios

Community-driven Funding Models

A number of examples demonstrate how community-driven models can be used to help deliver NGA projects.  There are a number of different approaches that can be employed.

Community Shares – a ‘live’ example from Cybermoor

Cybermoor ( has been a pioneer in community-led broadband action since 2001, operating a wireless broadband network.  Cybermoor is working on a NGA project as part of one of the BDUK pilots.

Sources of Funds

To investigate the funding issues, let’s imagine a typical project.  The situation we have in mind that you’ve established a local or regional project team and you’re clear on the scope of the project.  You have thoughts on what type of corporate structure you might use and you’re developing the business plan.  You’re mapping potential demand and working out where the customers are, talking to potential partners for the build and you are close to knowing what you’re going to build, where it’s going to go, what it’s going to cost and how services can be offered.  Now you

Investment & Business

In this section, we examine the issues to consider in looking for funding to develop local/regional NGA projects.  Other sections of this site can help you define aspects of your project that will need to be in pretty fair shape before you can answer the likely questions of potential funders – the project scope, type, what kind of ownership structure and importantly, the business plan.

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